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Reed Switch Activated Relays For American Flyer.
$21.99 & $5 shipping

The reed switches are activated by a magnet attached to the bottom of your train. These switches can be used in place of the Gilbert pressure trips, or dream up your new uses. These can be used to throw turnouts. A wiring diagram is provided to show how to use these to AUTOMATICALLY throw a turnout for an oncoming train so the turnout is in the proper direction.

You get:
  • 2 relays
  • 2 reed switches
  • 2 rare earth magnets

American Flyer Tie-Master Straightening Tool
$7.49 & $1.50 shipping

Do you have lots of older track laying around that needs a little face lift? Here is a great tool for quickly and easily making your old bent ties look like new. The punched nail holes line up perfectly with the recesses in the tool. So simple yet so useful.